A Vote for Casinos and Ohio Issue 3 is a Vote for Increased Suicide Rates

So casinos are our salvation are they? To listen to the advertisements promoting casino gambling in Ohio, one would think that casinos exist as a means to save jobs and rescue our economy. Sure casinos employ people, but no more than absolutely necessary. Sure casinos pay taxes, but where does the money to pay those taxes come from?
Short answer, it comes from the after tax dollars of people who are very often responsible and gamble within their means. I admit it can be fun in certain circumstances, but it can also be painfully sad for those who are at the end of their rope. Casinos want your money, whether it is money well within your means or the last $10 bucks you have to feed your children.

So is it worth it to provide a somewhat interesting evening out at times for people with their financial lives under control at the expense of the minority who may be on the brink? Am I my brothers’ keeper? The fact is I’m fundamentally Libertarian, the government should not unnecessarily intrude on people’s decisions in their private lives.

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There is more at play here. Should organizations take advantage of people just because they can? Do most people win? Of course not, most people lose. Monopolistic casino licenses are selling for approximately $400 million, (in Ohio it is approximately $50million) why so much? Because most people win?

The fact is most people lose. It is a statistical certainty. The suicide rate in Las Vegas is 4 times the national average for a city its’ size, and over half of those suicides have been directly related to casino gambling. If casinos are so great, why aren’t the promoters up front about what is really going on here? You have to really pay attention to understand that Issue 3 isabout casino gambling at all.

While we’re at, it let’s legalize marijuana and prostitution and I’m sure we can create more tax revenue.The end justifies the means right? Have we learned nothing? Let’s resoundingly defeat Issue 3, maybe the vultures will give up on Ohio for awhile.

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