Star Wars Slot Machine

The Star Wars: A New Hope slot machine has arrived at Kaw Southwind Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma.
The penny slot offers 30 lines to bet on with the maximum bet totaling $3. Playing the game is like watching a movie as the pay lines are featured on a 19-inch color monitor.

At the top of the machine is a silver sphere that resembles the Death Star weapon from the original 1977 hit movie. When a bonus round is won the sphere will spin.

The machine offers a chance at a progressive jackpot as high as a million dollars or more. A variety of music and animation is offered with each spin including the popular theme song.

Players of the game will have the opportunity to visit Luke Skywalker’s home planet, Tatooine when betting between one and four coins. Right now this slot machine is only available with on casinos with no licence.

When five to nine coins are bet per line, the gambler is taken to the bar where Luke met Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Betting the maximum amount not only gives the gambler a chance at the progressive jackpot, but also allows the gambler to experience scenes from the Death Star sequence.
A friend and I played the game for the first time recently. My luck was not that good but the sights and sounds took me back to my childhood when Star Wars debut.
My friend on the other hand hit a bonus round and experienced the spinning of the sphere and the scary Darth Vader invading the screen among other excellent animation.

When the Death Star spins, the gambler wins the amounts on which two of three arrows land. Then the player is taken to different levels of the bonus round including one featuring Han Solo battling storm troopers. The gambler will be prompted to select a villian for Solo to destroy. This action will light up an arrow on top of the Death Star.

The player is then again asked to choose a storm trooper for Solo to destroy, thus lighting up an arrow beneth Death Star. Finally spinning of the sphere begins and the bounus round may end or continue.

It is possible to cause the Death Star to explode and walk away with 1,000 extra credits.

Another bonus round is called the Light Sabor Bonus round in which the light saber duel between Darth Vader and Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi takes place.
As part of this round, the gambler chooses a characrter and if there man wins, their bonus is higher.

Regardless if you are a playing the game for fun or possible financial gain, the slot offers an enjoyable and somewhat unforgetable gaming experience.

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