The Grand Victoria Casino in Chicago

Do you love to gamble and take chances with money? Do you like the thought of walking into a casino with a little bit of cash and turning it into big time cash before you walk out? If you said yes to both those question Grand Victoria Casino in Chicago, Illinois is just the place for you to visit.

The Grand Victoria Casino in Chicago is located on 250 South Grove Street and is open at 8:30 am until 6:30 am. Like at all casinos you must be 21 years of age to gamble here at the Grand Victoria Casino. This casino has black jack tables, roulette tables, stud poker tables, three card poker tables, and plenty of slot machines and video poker game machines throughout the casino building. When you gamble here you can earn points and win big cash, but its all in the chances you want to take with your money and how good you are at the gambling playing tables. How much you win or lose at this casino is all up to the portfolio.

Now if you get hungry while gambling away all your money or even possibly getting rich they do have several restaurants to eat at such as Buckingham’s, Westminster Deli, The Grand Victoria Buffet, and a few others. Now if you’re looking for a quick little snack or cold drinks of some sort you can head down to the Grand Victoria Den. Now to eat at any of these places is expensive so make sure you don’t gamble away all your money before feeding yourself first.

You will also notice here that the atmosphere is full of life and lots of dinging and load noises. It’s also full of load and excited and disappointed people as well. The environment here is fairly clean and in some areas it is smoke free. If you need any help with anything here the casino staff and card dealers here are really nice and will help you with anything unless it involves helping you get you money back if you lost it all, all though now and again you’ll find a person who will give you a few good gambling tips.

For more wonderful information on the Grand Victoria Casino in Chicago please check out their website attached to my article and it will give you all the information I might have left out. I hope you have fun at the Grand Victoria Casino and win lots of money with your good luck!

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