Presque Isle Downs and Casino Triple Crown Buffet

At the Presque Isle Downs and Casino in Erie, PA the Triple Crown Buffet is special. You will find a lot of great food to choose from. For around $14 a piece (which does include a free Coors Light -legal drinkers only and at certain times) you can go back to the food and eat yourself into a frenzy, so be sure that you are hungry when you go to the Triple Crown Buffet. For a lot more information on the Triple Crown Buffet and for questions and directions you can call 1-800-ERIE-FUN. Make sure that you call first to find out any of the great specials they have on different nights. For instance, there is a ladies night and other types of specials.

Now here are some of the highlights of the Triple Crown Buffet at the Presque Isle Downs And Casino. There are so many different foods to choose from and you will have your share of salad items, vegetables, seafood, meats and desserts. Make sure that you try the fabulous macaroni salad, the Swedish meatballs, the fried clams and all the other wonderful items that they have. You can go up as many times as you would like to fill up your plate again, so find your favorite items and fill up. This is the way to eat because the food is excellent. Then, when you are all finished eating the great foods, you can visit the dessert station and get some wonderful treats. This is the perfect ending for a trip to the Triple Crown Buffet. You may need to sit for a while afterwards so that you can digest it all. There are so many wonderful items at this buffet that you will be a very happy camper when you are finished.

The help is really nice at the Triple Crown Buffet in Presque Isle Downs and Casino in Erie, PA, so be sure to leave them a tip. You will surely enjoy your visit and then you can either watch the races (check for days and times because they are seasonal) or you can go into the casino and play the slots. Keep in mind that parking is free at the casino and there are free shuttle rides that will drop you right off at the door. (How convenient is that?) What a great place to spend the day or night and remember that visiting the Triple Crown Buffet is worth every penny and more. It is delicious, so try it out as soon as you can.

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